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Where projects are particularly large or complex, requiring input from multiple stakeholders or co-ordination across many restoration disciplines, our project management team is able to plan and deliver an efficient schedule of works, taking care of everything from the point of project authorisation through to completion.

Our project managers act as the central point of communication between all the stakeholders involved in the project, whether that is insurers, policy holders and our restoration teams carrying out the works, or private clients and the local authority overseeing our work to ensure it adheres to listed building constraints. Whatever the requirement for stakeholder liaison, we focus on ensuring communication between parties is transparent and timely to ensure the smoothest possible running of the project.

Our project management services include:


Preparation of a schedule of works that represents the most efficient use of time and enables the project to be completed by the agreed date.

Effective distribution of resource, ensuring our various internal teams are assigned to their roles as will be required to deliver the work.

Production of all necessary health, safety and risk assessments to ensure our operatives are working safely at all times.

Ordering of the materials needed to carry out the works.


Ensuring all works are carried out in line with the Farcroft ethos, which requires the highest standards of artistry and craft.

Carrying out regular site visits to keep track of progress.

Varying the scope of works as necessary where on-site findings require alterations to be made, including liaising with all involved parties to keep them informed.

Ensuring the works are completed on time and within budget.

Whatever the requirement, clients can be assured that their project is in good hands with the Farcroft Restorations Group team, and the works will be completed not only to the highest standards but also in the most efficient, transparent and timely way possible.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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