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Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Carpets often pay the price for their day-to-day use. While they may withstand wear and tear, a whole range of hazards from muddy footprints to spilt glasses of wine can cause staining that can be tough to remove.
As with other types of flooring like wood or stone, carpets are one of the key decorative features of a room, meaning they can be costly to replace.
At Farcroft, our carpet cleaning and restoration services aim to help homeowners avoid this expense and hassle by giving these hard-working heroes of the home a new lease of life.

Minimal Inconvenience

Flooring restoration, as with all building restoration works, can be time-consuming, which can be an inconvenience in both commercial and private properties. However, at Farcroft Restorations Group, our hard-working teams aim to minimise disruption through effective project management.
Our first step is always a site visit to survey the affected area, assess the damage and potentially carry out a test clean. Once we have all this information, we can then determine the best route of carpet restoration and/or cleaning, and agree a schedule for the works to be completed.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning projects typically begin by removing excess dirt using a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, followed by the application of a pre-conditioning solution to help protect the fibres of the carpet before we progress onto the chosen method of cleaning.
Where carpets are dirty and have an unpleasant odour, we often recommend hot water extraction (HWE). Also known as steam cleaning, this method has the added benefit of being quick-drying, meaning rooms can be operational again within hours.
For more fragile carpets, we may use a low moisture clean – or dry clean. A more delicate process, this method of carpet cleaning is particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to allergies.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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