Games Tables

Games Tables

A classic source of entertainment, games tables like pool, billiards and snooker tables, chessboards, and card tables may not be items of furniture that everyone owns, but they can provide hours of fun for those that do – providing they are maintained in good condition.

Usually encompassing a timber structure finished with a worsted wool baize, these often grand pieces of furniture require constant maintenance, as keeping them in good condition is not just about aesthetics. With many games tables, the quality of the playing surface can directly affect the playing of the game itself, with a poor surface resulting in inconsistent or undesired outcomes.

As well as a wearing of the baize (the felt-like material encompassing the playing surface), games tables that are used frequently may deteriorate in other ways due to the regular, repeated actions of play. Timber finishes and metal fixings may become worn, and line markings (known as baulk lines or balk lines) can fade.

Fortunately, the wide-ranging expertise available within the Farcroft Restorations Group family means we can offer games table owners a complete restoration service, encompassing everything from structural repairs to recreation of wood finishes, metal polishing and replacement of baize.

Restoration of Specialist Finishes

From modern to antique, the styles and finishes of the games tables we restore vary greatly according to the fashions of the period in which they were first constructed.

Many tables – particularly those encompassing a chessboard or designed for playing backgammon – feature highly-decorative designs accentuated or embellished with veneers or stone materials.

Our games table restoration specialists draw on the knowledge and expertise of their colleagues in Farcroft’s furniture restoration and stone restoration teams to repair damage to structure or board as needed. Working with specialists in each individual area of restoration allows us to ensure owners benefit from the most complete and effective restoration, enabling these classic board games to be enjoyed once more, and for years to come.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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