Rugs & Tapestries

Rugs & Tapestries

Woven art in the form of tapestries, embroideries and rugs has been a popular decorative feature of property interiors for hundreds of years.
Unfortunately, the delicacy of the materials used to create these beautiful artworks, together with the intricacies of their design, makes them vulnerable to being damaged. Whether displayed on walls or laid on the floor, they are exposed to a variety of hazards on a daily basis that may cause them to wear or otherwise deteriorate.
At Farcroft Restorations Group, our content restoration specialists work with many textiles, including antique rugs, tapestries and embroideries, to bring them back to their best.
Our fine art restorers handle all textile artworks with great care, employing a delicate hand and the precision befitting craftspeople of their extensive experience throughout their conservation and restoration work.

Rug Restoration

When seeking to preserve and restore textiles like rugs, tapestries and embroideries, we offer clients two options – either an integrative restoration or a conservative restoration – with the most appropriate choice usually dependent on the condition of the item. Our specialists can advise owners of the option that will provide the best results in their individual circumstances.

Integrative Restoration

An integrative restoration focuses on specific areas of damage, such as missing sections, lacerations and fraying to corners and selvedges (side edges).

Conservative Restoration

Concentrating on the structure of the textile as a whole, conservative restoration includes applying conservation lining, reinforcing the material and inserting wefts (areas of woven filling thread or yarn).

As well as carrying out these services, our textile restoration experts can reverse the signs of colour bleeding, damp and water damage, remove staining, and repair items that have been targeted by vermin.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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