Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration

Much more than just a musical instrument, many pianos are works of art in their own right. Beautiful instruments with an internal complexity that enables their large range of notes, they require regular maintenance to remain tuned.

The internal arrangement of strings and hammers inside a piano is very sensitive and can be damaged through poor handling, clumsy restoration, or in transportation. This is one of many reasons why restoring pianos is a job for someone with high levels of knowledge and expertise in the instrument.

At Farcroft Restorations Group we are experienced in restoring all types of piano, from antique uprights to concert grands, offering a wide range of services including piano tuning.


Our Piano Restoration Services

Over time, as the internal workings of a piano age, they can weaken, kink or wear. For this reason, a large body of our piano restoration work involves replacing parts that have deteriorated, including strings, felts, leathers, cloths and hammers.

Where more extensive restoration is required, our team can also complete structural repairs to bridges and soundboards.

After the work has been completed, we carry out a final re-tune, ensuring the piano is ready to play beautiful music once more.

Restoration of Piano Casing

Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise across all areas of restoration, we are able to offer our clients a complete piano restoration service, including of the exterior timber casing and finish.

Ever since the iconic 1927 upright Kohler & Campbell with its symmetrical Moroccan designs on the panelling and stool featured in the film Casablanca in 1942, pianos have continued to be embellished with decorative features, including wood carvings, gilding, high gloss finishes and marquetry.

With dedicated experts in all these areas available to call on within the Farcroft family, we can restore the exterior beauty of a piano as well as the depth, range and tone of its sound, including recreating an existing finish or customising a new one to suit individual requirements.

More information about our wood finish restoration services can be found on our Furniture page.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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