Historic Property Restoration

Historic Property Restoration

Historic property restoration requires an organised mind, a skilled hand and a sympathetic eye. Unlike standard renovation work, it presents challenges and choices that can be difficult for owners to navigate alone.

A desire to renovate a period property to restore its beauty and functionality is commendable, but drive and determination alone may not achieve the best results. Often, expert help is needed to manage the complexities involved in carrying out works that are sympathetic to a building’s history yet enable it to live on into the future.

The breadth and depth of experience within our building restoration team means we are ideally placed to assist with heritage renovations, from careful conservation works and sympathetic restorations, to advising on practical adaptations that enable buildings to be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Our historic property restoration services include managing full renovations from planning stage through to final decoration.

Our knowledge of traditional construction and decorative techniques means we can provide the craft needed to complete works including stonework, metalwork, woodwork, plaster repair, specialist glazing and interior décor.

We can also advise on options that will allow homeowners to adapt and update their premises without compromising the original features that give them their character, charm and historical value.

Reviving Original Features

Whether it is revealing authentic details that were previously hidden, restoring original finishes, or replicating traditional techniques in modern additions to premises, we can help refurbish a property’s original defining characteristics.

On the smaller scale of the historic property restoration works we undertake, these types of project can often be completed in a short space of time, and will always be carried out with as little disruption as possible.

Property Adaptions

Adapting and updating rooms – and sometimes entire buildings – to suit modern day requirements is often necessary to keep areas functional and safe to use.

Where heritage sites comprise multiple buildings, outhouses and gatehouses can fall into disrepair, but adaptation can ensure these areas are able to be used once again. For locations that are open to the public, these spaces can enhance capacity and improve commercial feasibility.

At Farcroft Restoration Group, we have completed many projects requiring us to adapt historic areas to modern uses, and are skilled in working alongside period features to create practical, usable spaces.

Full Property Renovation

Where entire buildings have deteriorated, we can assist owners to bring them back into use.

Combining our expertise in conservation and restoration, we can revive what remains of the building before further progressing the structure to make it practical again, implementing current health and safety alongside the remaining period features.

Planning permission

Obtaining planning permission to renovate heritage and listed buildings can be complicated, and applications are often scrutinised in great detail, with planning authorities understandably seeking to be reassured that the works will not compromise a building’s historical value.

At Farcroft, we can manage the entire process of obtaining planning permission for historic property restorations, from drawing up the plans required, to submission and subsequent liaison with the appropriate authorities, our knowledge and experience giving applications the best chance of being approved.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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