Stone Flooring

So much more than just a base to stand and walk on, flooring is one of the key features of a property that defines its charm and character.

Properly cared for and preserved, high quality stone flooring can endure for centuries. However, the wrong choice of stone in the wrong setting or improper care can lead to deterioration or damage that may be dangerous as well as unsightly.

Fortunately, Farcroft Restorations Group can help. Our expert stonemasons have in-depth knowledge of all types of stone, as well as the methods that may be used to revive them to their former glory.

We work extensively in the restoration and conservation of all types of stonework – both interior and exterior, and including stone flooring – as part of our historic and modern building restoration services.

Stone Flooring: The Conservation Challenge

There are many different types of stone that can be used in flooring, and each possesses qualities that make it suitable for use in particular areas or applications.

The composition of these different stones varies greatly, which makes selecting the most appropriate and effective restoration or conservation method a task for someone with specialist knowledge.

As well as being a defining feature of a property, a stone floor is often a high-value installation, so proper care and attention is needed to protect that initial investment.

How Farcroft Can Help

As well as being skilled in stonecraft, our team is highly knowledgeable and can advise clients on the best routes of conservation and restoration of their stone flooring.

Our stone flooring restoration services include:

  • Stain removal, including of food, liquids, or general dirt

  • Localised repairs to individual tiles or slabs

  • Correction of grout work discolouration or staining

  • Reapplication of protective sealant

  • Maintenance for highly-polished floors to preserve them from wear and tear.

More information on our stone cleaning services and the protective coatings we can apply to delay deterioration and prevent discolouration can be found on our stone conservation page.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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