Clocks & Barometers

Clocks & Barometers

Clocks have been a staple feature within properties for many hundreds of years, with the vast majority of homes, commercial premises and public properties owning at least one, if not multiple, time-keeping devices.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, clock repair is one of the most specialised areas of contents restoration we undertake. Our team’s many years of experience has seen us restore a wide range of clocks, from grandfather clocks to carriage clocks, and everything in between.
Our clock restoration process begins with our horology experts undertaking a full service of the internal clockwork, deconstructing and cleaning each individual component while checking for signs of wear or deterioration that may affect its movement. Damaged parts may then be replaced or reconstructed to restore the timepiece to working order, before it is reassembled and oiled for a completed restoration.
Our clock repair specialists can also carry out restoration of scientific instruments such as barometers and barographs, which require a similarly delicate hand.

Clock Repair and Restoration

The internal workings of clocks are complex, so any repair work is best undertaken by an expert.

At Farcroft, we have revived timepieces that have fallen victim to all kinds of damage, including through fire, impact or poor handling.
Residual deposits such as soot from a fire may penetrate the outer casing of a clock and enter its internal workings, where they can strain the mechanisms and obstruct the clockwork. In these cases, our team will clean, re-finish and polish all affected components to restore the timepiece to working order. Once the internal work is complete, our fine art specialists can progress to restoring the outer appearance of the clock by hand-painting any parts of the dials and face that may have been tarnished.

Where damage has occurred to the clock casing, we can carry out reconstruction work to suit the age and style of the timepiece, including replacing the glass with a suitable match if required. Our team will strengthen the joints and fill any broken sections of casing, remoulding segments using identical materials where necessary. Where the veneer has been damaged, or displays surface marks or scratches, we can replicate the original finish for a timepiece that looks as good as new.

Restoring specialist finishes

Drawing on the wide-ranging expertise available within the Farcroft family, we can restore and replicate finishes including traditional waxes and oils, high gloss lacquers, hand-finished polishes, gilding, marquetry inlays, and specially-commissioned painted decorations.

Barometer Restoration

Alongside their clock restoration expertise, our team can also breathe new life into both mercury and aneroid barometers through work that includes restoring or replacing the mercury vessel and its contents, replacing the glass bezels, re-silvering and waxing the dials, and repairing the casework.
Many barometers are unique in their design, meaning it can be difficult to source appropriate replacement parts. Where this is the case, our skilled craftspeople can tool custom-made parts that match the originals exactly, enabling the barometer to retain the individuality that gives it its unique charm.


Barographs are barometers that record atmospheric pressure over time in the form of graphs.
At Farcroft, our expertise in barometer restoration means we are also equally adept at restoring barographs that have been damaged or have deteriorated over time.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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