Conserving and restoring historic interior décor can be a challenge and, as such, is a task more suited to heritage specialists than modern day decorators.
At Farcroft Restorations Group, our in-depth knowledge of historic tools and methodologies enables us to navigate complex building restorations with ease, bringing character and charm back to once-lovingly-crafted interiors that have since fallen into disrepair.
The wide ranging expertise of our building restoration team means we can assist owners with the conservation and sensitive restoration of all types of heritage décor, from wood panelling, decorative plasterwork and gilding, to masonry and stained glass, including intricate paintwork, murals and imitation finishes.

Our heritage décor restoration team revives historic interiors through a full range of services, from smaller-scale camouflaging of marbling and wood grain, to re-creating large areas of hand-painted murals adorning ceilings or walls.
Where large-scale works involving multiple interior restoration disciplines are undertaken, our team can also take on project management of the schedule of works, for maximum efficiency with minimal stress and inconvenience.

Our strategic approach to paintwork restoration

Our fine art restorers work with great skill to bring paintwork finishes back to their best, ensuring they are recreated in as historically-accurate a way as possible.
We start by investigating the original artwork and design to discover when it was created, and by whom. Using this knowledge, together with information gleaned from careful study of the artwork, enables us to determine what materials and methods may have been used to create it.
Our artists then set to work to duplicate the artwork, using historic colour pigments and traditional methods to re-create the effects in the original piece.
On occasion, some of the original materials may now be banned for safety or ethical reasons. Where this is the case, we can suggest historically-accurate alternatives to replace those materials.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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