Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Unlike with many of our content restoration services, the restoration of musical instruments is as much about the function of the item as it is about the aesthetics.

In order for damaged instruments to produce the same depth, tone and clarity of sound as before, highly detailed and complex restoration work can be required.

The level of detail and complexity makes restoring musical instruments a time-consuming task, with a multitude of skills across a range of materials needing to be employed in the restoration of one single instrument.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, our musical instrument team draws on its extensive knowledge and experience to revive pianos, stringed instruments, brass instruments and percussion instruments.

With all the instruments we restore – but particularly with antique pieces – we preserve their history by retaining any important marks. These may include the maker marks of high-end musical instrument producers, or areas of wear caused by the playing style of a famous musician.

Piano Restoration

Pianos are complex instruments, and their repair and restoration no less so.

From structural repairs and replacement of inner workings, to restoring the finish of the casing, our piano restoration services seek to bring these beautiful instruments – which are often works of art in their own right – back to their best.

For more information on our piano restoration services, including piano tuning, see our dedicated piano restoration page.

Stringed Instruments

The process of restoring stringed instruments like guitars, violins, cellos and harps often requires much more than simply replacing the strings.

Our musical instrument restoration team has worked diligently over the years to restore many such stringed instruments from near-ruin, including where they have sustained major impact to the body, severe breaks or fractures to the neck, insect damage, or staining to the finish.

The wide-ranging expertise of the Farcroft team, which includes craftspeople skilled in wood craft, means we can carry out the complete restorations needed to ensure they both look and sound beautiful once more.

Brass Instruments

Despite the durability of metal, a well-used brass instrument is still likely to require restoration work if it has not been fully maintained, or in the event of damage occurring.

Minor repairs may be carried out during an initial service of the instrument. While servicing a brass instrument, our team will thoroughly clean both the exterior and interior body to remove built-up dirt, before checking all individual parts for signs of deterioration. Valves and slides may require descaling, and some small parts may need to be replaced, as well as small dents and dimples removed.

Where brass instruments are in a critical condition, our specialists can also carry out more extensive work to restore their appearance and sound.

When restoring brass, as with all the metalwork we encounter, we work hard to conserve the lustre of the finish. From high gloss, or gold or silver plating, to a wide range of lacquers, we can advise owners of the most suitable choice for their instrument, whether we are duplicating an original finish or custom-finishing the item to customer preference.

Percussion Instruments

Comprised of components made from materials such as metal, wood and animal skin, percussion instruments are often restored by our musical instrument specialists in conjunction with our metalwork and woodworking teams.

Due to the fact their sound comes from being struck, most damage to these instruments tends to be wear or structural weakness that has occurred as a result of repeated impact.

Our team works with care to complete sensitive structural reinforcements to both modern and antique percussion instruments, as well as apply protective finishes that will lengthen the lifespan of the materials from which the piece is constructed.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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