Art Installations

Art Installations

Artists are renowned for pioneering new, avant-garde approaches to colour, material and form, pushing limits and boundaries in pursuit of a singular vision.

For this reason, public and private art installations can vary greatly in their scope, size and form. With such variety comes the need for an experienced hand to guide their investiture, not to mention to maintain them in proper condition throughout the duration of their installation.

Our wide-ranging expertise encompassing both content restoration and building restoration means Farcroft Restorations Group is ideally placed to assist with the installation and repair of such unique artworks, ensuring their beauty and impact can be seen and enjoyed by all who visit them.

Artwork Installation

When assisting with installations, our highest priority is ensuring the secure fitting of the artwork.
Where pieces will be displayed in public locations or internal gallery exhibits, the security of the installation and the safety of those who will visit it are paramount.
Our team complies with all relevant safety and security procedures, including submitting plans to the relevant authorities in advance of the works where projects are anticipated to cause disturbance to a local area.

Restoration of Damaged Art Installations

Where permanent art installations have been damaged on site, whether accidentally or through malicious action, we can respond quickly to secure the work to prevent further damage, or danger to the public.
Our experts will then survey the damage and recommend a plan of restoration tailored to that individual installation, including considering additional preventative measures that could guard against repeat issues in future.

Monuments and memorials

Our art installation restoration and conservation expertise can also be applied to historic monuments and memorials.

Following the Farcroft ethos, we treat these symbols of accomplishment or remembrance with the utmost respect and care, working with pride to restore their former appearance and function.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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