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Farcroft’s excellent reputation has developed over many years by combining meticulous, traditional craftsmanship with modern business methods and practices. One aspect of the ownership and care of fine arts collections is the need for cataloguing, evaluation, safe transport, storage, and protection during natural and man-made disasters, along with insurance and estate valuations to protect the exceptional, the valuable, and the irreplaceable. Farcroft offers evaluation and risk management services for owners and stakeholders of fine art and furniture collections.

The exceptional, the valuable, and the irreplaceable need a degree of protection we may not need to offer more typical furniture and collectibles. We bring our years of integrity, dependability, and an impeccable reputation for detailed and careful craftsmanship to risk management planning and conservation assessments.

Our Evaluation and Risk Management Services offer clients several essential services. A conservation assessment evaluates fine furniture, art, and collectables for repair and replacement values, and worth valued in the open market. Of particular importance in this evaluation is assessment of the collection as a whole and its provenance. These conservation assessments can be used to prioritise and plan needed work. They can be used for probate and estate services, when valuations are required of executors, and can be used by clients and insurance companies to help substantiate a claim for replacement or reimbursement.

A Risk Continuity Plan is a Farcroft service that can provide great peace of mind to collectors and owners of fine art collections. More than many other factors, the speed with which art and fine furniture is removed from the site of a natural disaster, such as fire or flooding, and the speed with which it is cleaned, repaired, and restored, determine the actual amount of permanent damage inflicted. Our Risk Continuity Plan brings specialists to the site of a disaster within two hours of being contacted. They will remove and preserve as much of the fine furniture and art as possible, removing it from the possibility of further damage, and begin the documentation and restoration so necessary in the complex world of art insurance and valuation.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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