Wood Flooring

As popular today as it has been for centuries, wood flooring may be seen throughout the full range of property types, from heritage buildings to modern premises.

Renowned for its durability and longevity, a solid wood floor can last more than a century if properly maintained. Unfortunately, though, flooring is susceptible to deteriorating through use, including as the result of impact damage, spillages, and normal wear and tear.

How do I know if my wood flooring needs patch repairs, or wholesale restoration?

Our experts recommend wooden floors are restored if areas of damage are particularly deep, or when signs of wear become evident across a large proportion of the surface.

A thorough approach whereby the entire floor is sanded and refinished will often provide the best results in terms of rectifying damage and reviving the grain of the wood.

Wood Flooring Restoration

The process of restoring wood flooring begins with professional sanding to ensure a level, even surface.

Where the finish has become worn, the sanding process seeks to remove only that existing finish, to enable the floor to be re-varnished.

In circumstances where the underlying timber is worn or damaged, sanding would continue to reveal the unaffected wood underneath.

The sanding process can take up to 2mm off the thickness of the wood, meaning wooden floors can only be refinished a finite number of times.

In period buildings, it is therefore vital to know the composition, age and condition of the original floor – including when it was last maintained – to ensure sanding does not compromise its structural integrity. Older wood may also be more frail, meaning our usual techniques may need to be substituted for more sensitive alternatives.

Once the floor is smooth, a new finish can be applied. This typically involves using a stain to enhance the grain of the timber, before sealing the wood with a varnish to add an extra layer of protection to the surface.

Wood Flooring Re-creation

In the most severe circumstances, wood flooring may be beyond restoration, and require wholesale replacement for reasons of safety and to secure the building’s future.

We understand the loss of such a key original feature can be distressing for owners, so our team works diligently to install a new floor that matches the original, using the same materials and replicating the finish as closely as possible.

Line-marking for modern wood flooring

As part of the services we offer leisure, education and fitness providers, our woodwork team is able to restore wood flooring in sports halls, including marking lines for sports such as tennis, basketball and indoor football.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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