A key feature of a property potentially dating back to the earliest days of its construction, maintaining the character of a wooden staircase is essential to keeping the spirit and history of a property alive.

In addition to this, there are likely to be safety considerations to take into account where staircases are in regular or constant use.

But wooden staircases, finely-crafted handrails and intricately-carved newel posts can be particularly challenging to restore. Part of the fabric of the building, they cannot be removed, meaning repair and restoration works must be carried out on site.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, our skilled craftspeople are as comfortable working on location as they are in our workshops, and bring the same level of skill to both types of woodwork restoration project.

For structural elements like staircases, we draw on our knowledge of the materials and working practices used at the time of construction to help us complete both small-scale repairs and complete renovations.

The Perils Of Use

Many of the challenges in restoring these iconic wooden features result from the damage caused by general, day-to-day use.

Stairs that are walked on, handrails touched by many human hands, and newel posts that have been leant against or knocked can all start to show signs of wear and tear, displaying areas where the finish has worn away.

Prompt action taken when these signs of age and use begin to show can avoid further damage to the woodwork and make restoring the staircase much more straightforward.

Stair tread restoration

As well as posing a potential risk of accidents, worn stair treads may threaten the strength and stability of the steps themselves.

Where problems are detected early, treads can often be reinforced with supporting softwood which is blended and profiled to match the shape of the original tread, ensuring an authentic appearance.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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