Wood Conservation

Due to its wide-ranging uses, wood is one of the most common materials we encounter during our building restoration projects.

In heritage properties, woodwork may form part of the structure of the building or be used in decorative features. In both cases, careful conservation is needed to guard against deterioration and damage over time.

Wood Cleaning

Where timber is in good condition but requires some work to restore its former appearance, our woodwork restorers can carry out wood cleaning.

After removing any contaminates, the surface of the wood is delicately cleansed to provide a clean base upon which to apply preventative treatments aimed at maintaining the quality of the wood.

It is crucial to ensure any moisture in the wood is removed prior to any protective coating being applied, as it can cause woodwork to rot and encourage the growth of organisms that could further compromise its structure and appearance. Where timber has been located outside, our team provides temporary shelter from the elements to enable the moisture to evaporate from it before proceeding with the application of protective coatings.

Wood Protection

As well as providing protection against specific hazards, protective coatings have the dual benefit of sealing the now-dry wood, stopping it from expanding and contracting in response to fluctuations in humidity.

The type and level of protective coating we recommend will depend on the location of the woodwork item.

External structures used for functional purposes are likely to require waterproofing, and may additionally benefit from insect repellent.

For internal decorative woodwork, such as wood carvings, we advise applying a durable coating that provides additional protection against impact damage.

Wood Filling

Small cracks and gaps in joinery can expose otherwise well-protected woodwork to potential risks that may cause it to deteriorate.

Our team of specialists will investigate these areas to find out the cause of the crack or gap and to stabilise it, before filling it with suitably-matching material and finishing the area to match the rest of the wood.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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