Due to its versatility, metalwork is a common feature in many properties, where it may serve a structural, protective or decorative function – or a combination of the three.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, our building restoration services include full metalwork restoration and conservation, repairs and renovations to gates, railings, balconies, staircases, grilles, panelling, metal structures, art installations and more.

Minor Structural Repairs

Small breaks or fractures in metalwork can compromise its strength and durability. In these cases, the priority of our metalwork restorers is to reinforce the structure to retain as much of its original strength as possible.

Minor breaks or fractures can often be repaired through welding. Our team is experienced in working with metals ranging from bronze to cast iron, and can match repaired sections to the original metal and then finish them appropriately, maintaining the installation’s aesthetic appeal as well as restoring its structural integrity.

Replacement of Severely Damaged Sections

Where large areas of damage has occurred, it may be necessary for our team to extract the affected segment – disassembling it if required – to restore off-site in one of our workshops. Performing the required restoration work in the safe and secure environment of our workshop will allow for a quicker and cleaner restoration. Once completed, the restored section can then be reinstalled in its original location.

Where the damage is too severe for the original metalwork to be repaired, we can replicate it through recasting or re-forging.

Structures comprised of flat panels and components may be re-cast in the same metals using a mould cast from replica metalwork, or modelled from photographs and measurements.

Where metalwork was previously forged – such as in the case of the decorative rods that feature in many metal gates – we draw on the skill of blacksmiths to ensure the component is remade to the required specification.

To avoid newly restored, re-cast or re-forged sections of metalwork jarring when reinstalled, we can antique the finish of the replacement sections to match the existing metalwork where required.

Metalwork Polishing

Metal can become tarnished over time, or as the result of impact damage. In these cases, careful consideration is needed to restore and then maintain the original finish. Our knowledgeable and experienced metalwork restorers work with materials including stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass and aluminium to restore finishes from subtle glimmer to full reflective mirror shine.

Historic House Conservation

At Farcroft, we understand the unique demands of working with listed and period properties, and have in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques used in the past and how they differ from modern methods.

When working to conserve classic examples of architectural metalwork, we match our restoration techniques to the practices that would have been used at the time of construction to ensure an accurate, authentic restoration that maintains a building’s character and historic value.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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