Wood Panelling & Staircases

Timber structural features adorn most properties including staircases, cabinetry & paneling, but due to their fitting to the structure can not be removed to restore if damaged. With this impediment, it means we have adapted our woodworking skills to bring them onsite, carrying out the same level of craftsmanship we would perform in our workshop. Our understanding of the construction of these features allows us to restore whole areas to small segments without affecting the undamaged sections.

As part of the key structure, potentially dating back to the construction of the building itself, keeping these wooden features can be critical to keep the history of a property. From ornate panels decorating the walls & ceiling to decoratively carved handrails, the styling of these features can date back to iconic architectural periods. With this history to many of the properties we restore, preserving these fine examples of craftmanship is critical in conserving our heritage.

Similar to a lot of our furniture and wooden flooring services, a large proportion of restoring these aspects is reviving the finish from general wear and tear. If it walked on, leant against or used as support, these features are hotspots for the finish to wear away. Wear that can be resolved with maintenance once the first signs start to show, restoring the finish to prevent further damage to the timber.

Specifically seen in staircases, we see a lot of wear to the treads, threatening the strength & stability of the steps. For steps this is caught early enough with, we can reinforce the tread with a supporting softwood. Blended and profiled to the shape of the original tread, this is just one possible solutions for this common problem in our heritage buildings.

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