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With the range of floor types we do, wooden flooring is one the more common we restore. Traditionally used for hundreds of years and still popular today, we see wooden flooring in many of our property restoration projects from heritage properties to modern buildings. Best known for its longevity and durability, a solid timber floor can last over 100 years if maintained correctly. Unfortunately, as a frequent restoration for our onsite team, wood flooring does not have the best luck when it comes to getting damage. It is in these occasions Farcroft is here to help, with an accumulation of knowledge and experience for timberwork.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, the processes to achieve the finished result is no small job. Standardly taking a few days minimum, we recommend restoring your flooring when areas of damage are particularly deep or signs of wear become evident throughout the surface. As any damage often requires the whole floor to be refinished, this thorough approach can provide the best results, reviving the grain of the wood to its original self.

Our approved procedure for when restoring the timber would be to start by professionally sanding the floor so its level. For heritage and historic buildings especially, we would need information of the condition of the flooring prior to this. Requiring information such as the type of wood, age of the flooring and when (if) it was last maintained. This information would be vital as wooden floors can only be refinished so many times as the sanding process can take 2mm away from the thickness of the timber. Furthermore, the older the wood the frailer it could potentially be, resulting in our technicians adapting their techniques for a more sensitive alternative.

In the situation its only the finish that has become worn, we would only need to sand the existing finish away to then revarnish. Although if the timber has become worn/damage too, then the process would be more in depth to reveal an undamaged layer of the timber that is unaffected.

Once the floor is smooth and prepared for the next step, we would apply the new finish. Using stain to transform the wood and enhancing the unique grain of the timber, it would then be sealed with a varnish. Revealing the depth of the wood whilst acting an additionally protection to the surface.

In the severe circumstances that the damage to flooring is ruined and beyond restoration, we would replace the flooring. As devastating this may be for some, it would the best solution to guarantee the floor being safe and secure for years to come. Despite it being a new floor, we would use materials replicating that of the original floor so the change would be unnoticeable.

Working with education & fitness centres, we also offer line marking as part of the finish for locations such as sport halls.

If you have further enquiries about our services, contact us on 01922 458 555 or at enquiries@farcroftuk.com.

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