Veneers- Marquetry Parquetry & Inlay

Due to changes in temperature and humidity, veneers, cross-banding, stringing, marquetry, parquetry and other inlays can lose adhesion and lift away from the surface they have been applied to.

Veneering is a technique whereby expensive or rare timbers, carefully selected for their natural beauty, are sliced into thin sheets and adhered to cheaper timber. Some of these expensive woods are too unstable to build entire pieces from. Thin sheets of veneer are carefully placed in various patterns to display and enhance the wood grain.

For period furniture, traditional hand skills are employed to cut and relay veneers using specialist glues and tooling. For contemporary pieces, we utilise modern processes and equipment to replicate the original construction.

Marquetry is the process of decorating furniture with wood veneers and other decorative materials inlaid into furniture to form arabesque, floral, figurative and other pictorial designs. Parquetry utilises the same processes, but to form geometric patterns. The painstaking and intricate discipline of restoring inlays demands that each piece is individually cut by hand and coloured to blend with the original. Other inlay materials include brass, ivory, bone and mother of pearl.

A family-run business with more than 45 years’ experience, we specialise in restoring and conserving the beauty and originality of structural and decorative woodwork, stonework and masonry in modern and historic properties, including listed buildings.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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