Upholstery restoration is essential in our industry, most known for restoring contents such as soft furnishings. Although the full extent of its service does not end there, catering to the custom, fitted furniture and décor we encounter on our property projects. Instances we see this include installed bench seating in restaurants, custom crafted furniture in stately homes and luxury textile finished décor in exclusive clubs. With our range in clientele, we have carried out restoration for private to commercial locations, experienced with the regulations each sector comes with.

The additional complexities that come with onsite upholstery is that we cannot always take the piece away to our workshop to restore. To resolve this dilemma, we would procced with a thorough consultation prior to the work to prepare for this. Detailing all the specifications required and arranging a strategy of restoration to execute to work smoothly.

In the circumstances we are able to remove the piece from the fitting without causing further damage, we would proceed to bring the piece back to our workshop to upholster there. Once upholstered and fully restored, we would install the item back into its fittings with the carefulness it would have been removed with.

Bringing our upholstery services onsite has the additional advantage that we can restore those smaller casualties to the textiles on location. Reducing the inconvenience and cost of logistics. In the conditions we determine that it would be more practical to repair the damage on site, we would send our upholstery technicians to carry out the work when it suits you. Taking a fraction of the time and causing little disruption to your life. Repairs we would be able to implement this way include:

  • Button replacements
  • Seam separations
  • Small leather damage
  • Furniture re-padding
  • And much more.

To find more about our property upholstery services you can get in touch with us at our contact us page.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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