Wood Conservation

Experts in restoring heritage properties, we are aware of the importance to retain original features & structures of the property. As many of these locations use timber as one of the predominant materials, conserving timberwork is an essential factor of property conservation. Including various processes that can provide protective layers to treating areas at risk.

When working with timber that is in good condition, our focus would be to apply preventive treatments to maintain the quality of the wood. Firstly, cleaning the wood of any contaminates we would delicately cleanse the surface to give a clean base to proceed with the treatment. One of the factors that are critical to remove from the timber is moisture, as it can cause organism growth and deterioration. Even if the timber is located outside, we would provide temporary shelter from the weather to allow the moisture to evaporate out the timber before proceeding. Once the timber is prepped, we can apply the protective coating.

Depending on the environment of the timberwork, it would determine the coating we would recommend. For external structures used for functional purposes, we would advise a protective layer to waterproof the timber and possible insect repellent (depend on the nature of the work). Alternatively, for internal timber décor we work suggest a more enduring coating for additional safety against impact damage. Once fully sealed with the dry wood is resistant to humidity fluctuations, preventing the wood from expanding and contracting.

For those troublesome areas exposing the wood to potential risk, managing these points can be the difference to prevent the wood from deteriorating. Frequently seen as small cracks and gaps in the joinery, we would investigate the gap. Understanding the size of the breach we would fill the area with a substance/material to match that of the original, replicating the finish to match the current finish.

Our approach with conservation is to handle the timber with care, cautious to leave any damaging impressions to the timber and retaining the finish of the wood.

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