Stone Cleaning

Over time, deterioration to stonework will naturally occur due to the factors we cannot prevent, resulting in the external stone of many buildings becoming discoloured and neglected.

Influences that can determine the rate of decline in a stones finish include:

General wear & tear

Unkind weather conditions that are damp & humid

Organism growth such a moss, weeds and other plants

Pollution, especially in our large cities and industrial areas.

External stonework often shows initial signs of these influences, which for a certain period would not damage the condition of the stone. Although when left too long, can potentially cause irreversible damage. An example of this is the humidity of being located on the coast, this can lead to moisture build-up in the stonework resulting in the growth of mosses, algae and lichen.

Preventive measures can be put in place to delay these developments but only when the stone been thoroughly cleaned prior to creating an uncontaminated surface.

When cleaning external stone, it is key that the work carried out is none abrasive to the type of the stone. Determining the stones type, age and condition all greatly factor into our method of cleaning. With a variety of methods and equipment at our availability, ranging the strength whether physically or chemically, we can apply the appropriate technique that most beneficial to the stone. In the likely predicament of the problems recurring, maintenance plans to further control this are available.

As touched upon, we offer an additional service of protective sealers & finishes. Highly beneficial when conserving stonework, some sealers can last up to 15 years, preventing staining, discolouration and growth of moss to the surface of the stone.

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