A glistening finish on silver is the final touch to making silverware look magnificent but the moment there is imperfection, it becomes eye-catching for the wrong reasons. Knowing the importance silverware can represent from a family heirloom to pieces of history, it is Farcrofts best interest to preserve your treasures for years to come. Working with all silver, silver alloys & silver-plated metalware we have restored objects such as tea sets, musical instruments, tankards & medals.

When silverware becomes tarnished, like many other metals, it is when corrosion occurs to the surface of the silver dulling and marking the finish. With specialized techniques we can remove the corroded layer, restoring the item to its original silver finish.

A popular technique we often apply a lot of the silverware we restore is lacquering. Used to create a durable finish, this would protect the finish to retain the finish for longer. Preventing possible corrosion and reducing the rate of tarnishing especially for silverware that is displayed. As beneficial the lacquer is for the silver is can become tainted over time. Often seen in antique silver, this can be resolved but removing the layer and reapplying.

We can also restore silverware that have:

  • Dents or scratches to be removed
  • Missing/damaged segments that need replacing
  • Missing areas of gilding and require regilding
  • Lost their finish, needing an in-depth polish

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Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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