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A popular decorative feature, rugs & tapestries often adorn the interior of many properties we visit. Although considering how these are displayed on the flooring and walls, it makes them exposed to a lot of potential damage.

Woven art such in the forms of tapestries and embroideries have dated back hundreds of years, meaning many of the textiles we receive are antiques and require careful handling. With a tender hand, our fine art restorers conduct all restoration and preservation techniques with a sense of delicacy and precision. Taking the same approach for rugs we use non-harmful processes to keep the full vibrancy of the fibers.

When restoring and conserving textiles, we would often offer an integrative restoration or a conservative restoration (depending on the condition of the rug/tapestry). The key difference between these styles is that integrative restoration focuses on areas of damage such as missing parts, lacerations and any damage to the corners and selvedges (side edges). As conservative restoration concentrates on the structure that would include applying conservation lining, reinforcing the material and inserting wefts.

Additional damage we restore include:

  • Colour Bleeding
  • Damp & Water Damage
  • Vermin Damage
  • Staining

If it is more conservation you are looking for then we provide preservation treatments available as one offs or as part of a care program. Including a range of deep cleaning & maintenance services, we would examine the rugs or tapestries to devise a bespoke service stated to the specification of the textile.


Supporting the additional aspect that tapestries are displayed more commonly on walls, we offer additional framing & hanging services. For the display itself, we can mount and frame your pieces in a custom frame to protect them from further risk. Furthermore, for large scale or difficult tapestries we can professionally hang the pieces back in the property for a safe and secure display.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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