Precious Metals

Brass Restoration

Metal conservation is yet another Farcroft strength, working with a variety of metal alloys, we have the practical skills and expertise to clean, repair and stabilise metal items of all periods.

Many objects are created using alloys of different metals such as copper or nickel to provide sufficient strength and structural integrity. A detailed knowledge of the chemical structure of these materials is essential to ensure that compatible chemicals and processes are used for cleaning and repair.

Brass is one of the more challenging metals to clean, but with the challenge comes the reward, restoring the original lustre of every piece. Skilful re-plating can be applied to severely damaged areas and indentations can be sensitively removed.

Bronze Restoration

Bronze is found in many historic buildings – doors, ornamental handles, kick plates, push plates, handrails, signs, plaques, sculptures and other architectural features.

Bronze items are often part of fixtures so that bronze cleaning and restoration is usually carried out on-site.

Pieces can be cleaned and refinished, either to a high polish or traditional dark coinage shade depending on their original finish. Where elements are lost or severely damaged, new sections can be re-cast and replaced, skilfully toned to blend with original finishes.

Copper Restoration

Copper is one of the most important metals, with a heritage dating back to early civilisation. In fact, copper forms the base alloy for a number of other metals.

All metals, with the exception of 24 carat gold, suffer the effects of corrosion caused by chemical reaction. Over time, copper begins to tarnish, causing the finish to become dulled or changing the surface colour to a darker red or brown. More aggressive corrosion causes the formation of powdery crusty layers or rough, light green spots to form on the surface.

Farcroft can clean and polish copperware utilising specialist conservation techniques to sensitively restore the finish to retain a patina in keeping with the age of the piece or, if the client prefers, the bright and shiny original brilliance associated with new copper. Repairs and soldering can be carried out to ensure the handles and hinges are in full working order. Copper plating can be applied to damaged or badly worn areas and skilfully refinished.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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