Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

When restoring instruments one of the big factors to be considered is the functionality of the item. Unlike many of our fine art or decorative furniture, where the restoration is often about the aesthetics, musical instruments need further in depth restoration in order to sound the same as it previously did. With the many various materials used to create these specailised instruments, it requires the vast skillset & knowledge of our restorers to be able revived the wide range of instruments we offer.

Piano Restoration

As stunning as pianos are their restoration can often be complex, so for our full services in piano restoration, click below.

Stringed Instruments

Continuing with the string family, we additionally restore instruments such as guitars, violins, cellos, harps and much more. Unfortunately, the case with many of the instruments we restore; is that it is not just for a change of strings. Offering extensive restoration work for when the condition of these instruments become greatly compromised, threatening their performance and value, we have restored instruments from ruin.

Reviving them from incidents such as:

  • Major impact to the body
  • Severe breaks and factures to the neck
  • Potentially permanent staining to the finish
  • Insect damage (especially in antiques).

As many of these damages center around the timber structure of the instrument, the craftsmanship of our timber restorers has come through time & time again. Restoring them to looking & sounding beautiful.

Brass Instruments

For how durable metal is, a well-used brass instrument is likely to gather some external damage at least if not fully maintained or in an incident. It is for these occasions we are here to help, offering our restoration services. In cases the instrument just needs minor fixes, we would include these repairs under our initial service of the instrument. Fully checking for any deterioration or built up of dirt we would thoroughly clean the instrument including the internal body, valves and slides. Further removing smaller dents, descaling valves and slides (if required), replacing small parts and so on. Available for trumpets to tubas, more extensive restoration work is can be carried out for the instruments that are in more of a critical condition.

We see it as necessary to conserve the lustre of the instrument, as with the metalware we already restore, we can apply a range of finishes most suitable for your piece. From high gloss, gold & silver plating to a wide range of lacquers we can duplicate the original finish or customize for a finish of your preference.

Percussion Instruments

Made up of components of metal, wood and animal skin, most of the potential damage inflicted of these types of instruments we cover in with our metalwork and timber restoration services. Furthermore, considering the impactful nature of the percussion family, a lot of this damage is wear and structural weakness just as a result of being repetitively struck. Experienced in applying protective finishes and structural reinforcements for these types of materials, these are repairs we could carry out to both modern and antique instruments.

With all musical instruments we restore, especially historic and antique pieces, we would retain any important markings, preserving the history associated with it. This could include maker marks of high-end musical instrument producers to areas of wear caused by the playing styles of famous musicians. As these specific instruments have become more than just an item that plays beautiful music, preserving the stories they carry is of great importance.

If you have an enquiry over an instrument that has not been addressed above or would like some further information, you can find all our contact details on our contact us page.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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