Military Medals

Representing the bravery of so many men and women, their well-deserved medals are worth conserving just out of respect for their service. Considering the sentimental value these medals of honor can hold, offering our services to restore and conserve these is the least we can do.

Due to the age of many of the medals we receive, we deep clean all the medals of any contaminates the reveal the condition of the metal & finish. For cases where the metal is in good condition, we would give it final polish to help maintain its lustre. If the medal reveals to have more damage than initially expected, then we would offer more in depth restoration to restore the medal back to its original condition. With our background in metal restoration, we offer this service all medals, including all made from gold, silver, bronze & lead.

In additional to the medal, we also would also repair the connective metal structure made up of components such at the suspender & bars. We always aim the restore a piece with its original parts but in time like the suspension rod/ring breaking, of can replace these with replica pieces. This replacement option can be offered to the ribbons when the circumstances the pre-existing ribbon is too damage, compromising the capability to hold the medal.

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