For its structural capabilities, metalwork is a common feature in many of the properties we restore, functioning as a wide range of decorative, structural and protection installations. With so many potential elements that can be classed as metalwork on a property, we offer the full metalwork services from wielding to polished finishes.

To get a full understanding of the metalwork our services can repair include:

  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Balconies and Staircases
  • Grilles
  • Panelling
  • Structures
  • Art Installation
  • And much more.

For instances when the strength and durability of the metal has been compromised, reenforcing the structure of the metalwork is our priority to retain as much original strength to the piece. In situations when the damage is of a small area with possible small breaks or fracture to the metal, we would repair this most likely by welding all the effected areas. Working with metals such as bronze to cast iron, we would match the welding to that, or the original metal maintain the consistency of the metal strength and finish.

When the damage is of larger proportion then we would have to determine an alternative solution to cater to additional complexities of the repair. This may include have to separate the affected segment (potentially completely disassembling) to restore in our workshop. When the scale of the damage is too large the carry out onsite, presenting additional risk to restore, performing the restoring in safe environment of our workshop would allow for a cleaner restoration. Ready to be reinstalled when finished.

Additional options for when the damage is too severe is recasting or reforging. By remaking the damaged area, we can ensure the strength of the restoration but depending on the piece the determine which method to proceed with. If the damage area is from a structure made of flat panels and components, then we would recast the area. Creating a cast mold from replica segment or modelled from photos and measurements, we can recast the damaged piece in the matching metals. On the other hand, if the metalwork was previously forged (like the decorative rods that make up a metal gate) then working with trained blacksmiths we would get the component remade the specifications required. As made of theses restorations would not be for a structure that is brand new, we would finish the repair to match that of the remaining structure, possibly antiquing the finish to match an older piece.


The overall finish of metalwork it as important as metal is prone to becoming tarnished. Resulting from incidents such as age deterioration or repetitive impact damage. Restoration to help maintain and conserve a beautiful finish needs to be managed. Working with stainless steel, bronze, cooper, brass and aluminum, we can achieve finishes that re duller with a subtle glimmer to full reflective mirror finishes.

Historic house- conservation

Specialising in listed and period properties, the restoration required to help conserve these classic examples of architecture may vary to some of our modern day techniques. With the ornate styling that frequently features in the metalwork of these buildings, we would adapt our techniques for the traditional methods that would have originally used in construction. This way we are maintaining the historic value of the properties by using authentic practices that achieve the final result most accurately.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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