Heritage Renovation

Heritage Renovation

Heritage renovation is not your standard renovation work. Loyal the preserving the historical value of the property, a great part of renovating heritage and listed buildings are to adapt and update the premises. Whilst keeping the original characteristics that makes the property special. Experienced in the traditional techniques and construction required when working with these buildings, we can manage your full renovation from planning to decoration.

Revive Original Features

On the smaller end of our renovation projects we carry out, is refurbishing the original characteristics that define the property. This can be:

  • Revealing authentic details that were previously hidden
  • Restoring the original finishes
  • Replicating traditional techniques into modern additions of the premises.

Usually requiring one of our professional technicians/teams, these smaller works would take 1-3 days standardly, causing little disruption for an astounding outcome.

Adapt to New Purposes

Working with the historical features, accommodating rooms & buildings to modern day conditions is important keep the area functional and safe. With many heritage sites being made of multiple buildings, many of these areas can be forgotten from outhouses to gatehouses. By altering these rooms (especially for locations open to the public) it opens the potential for people to utilise areas again, rather than going to waste.

Full Renovation

In the circumstances that the whole property or building has deteriorated, with the owner looking to repurpose the structure, we can assist you the whole way through. Combining our conservation and restoration services to revive what remains of the building, we can further progress the structure to be practical again. Implementing modern day health and safety features alongside the historic features.

In the renovation works we carry out, we often manage the complex process of getting planning permission for you. As heritage & listed buildings can be more complicated to renovate due to protecting the historical value, we are knowledgeable and experienced to draw up all the plans required. Further sending them to the appropriate authorities for the final approval for the works.

If you would like to make a enquiry for some renovation work, you can call us at 01922 458 555 or emails us at enquiries@farcroftuk.com.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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