Conserving heritage and preserving listed buildings is part of our specialist field of property restoration, with our expertise including the interior décor of these historic locations.

Compared to the décor in many of today’s properties, heritage properties include specialist craftsmanship that your standard decorator may not be familiar with. This could include gilding, decorative plaster, wood panelling, masonry and stained glass. As we have pages dedicated to these services already you can view these at the links below or visit our Property Restoration page for our full onsite services.

In addition to the above services, we provide specialist work in intricate paintwork, murals and imitation finishes. Thanks to the skill and expertise of our fine art restorers and technicians, we can accomplish the complexity of these restorations with confidence in our knowledge & techniques required for a flawless result.

When approaching one of these (often historic) projects, it is vital that we carry out an investigation into the original artwork and design for an accurate restoration. Essential information for this would be:

  • When does the work date back to?
  • Who did it?
  • Significant information about the materials available at the time,
  • Traditional methods that were used.

The importance of these findings is crucial when dealing with listed properties especially. Further inspecting the availability of the materials today, would allow us to recreate the traditional and historic pigments & finishes originally used. As some of these substances may be banned for safety purposes or ethical practices, we would also offer historically accurate alternatives in these circumstances.

With a solid foundation of findings and resources for the restoration, our restorers would then execute the work with the traditional methods and historic pigments, duplicating the original work.

For a very in depth process, this has allowed us the revive hand painted Victorian ceilings, resurrect depictions of religious scenes and camouflage transforming examples of marbling and wood grain.

With our capabilities to offer the full range of heritage décor you made the need for restoration or renovation, why go elsewhere when we can do it all for you. For the larger property projects, we can offer our project management facilities to further reduce the stress and disturbance of the work on your life.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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