Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration

Over time, as trends in fashion and interior design have changed, furniture has taken on new styles and forms, and used a wider range of materials than ever before. With each new style or material comes a requirement for specialist techniques and finishes, making restoring items of furniture a varied and rewarding challenge.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, our content restoration expertise includes a specialism in furniture restoration. From reversing water damage and fire damage, to hand carving replacement parts and replicating intricate veneer finishes, our team has the knowledge and skill to restore all types of modern and antique furniture.

Our furniture restoration services include:

Water Damage Restoration

Furniture constructed from wood or featuring wood veneers or inlays can be severely damaged in the event of prolonged exposure to water or damp environments.

Where the wood has swollen, causing joints to weaken and split or veneers and inlays to bubble or lift, our furniture restoration specialists will dry out and stabilise the timber before working to reverse the damage caused, including by removing ‘blooming’ or ‘tide marks’ from the surface finish.

Impact Damage Restoration

Our furniture restoration team works to skilfully eliminate signs of impact damage ranging from pet scratches and the abrasions caused by poor handling, to sections that are completely broken or missing.

Our impact damage restoration services include reconstructing broken or missing sections, repairing and strengthening weakened joints and frames, fitting new glass or mirror inlays, and filling abrasions to match the existing finish.

Fire Damage Restoration

Furniture rescued from fire-damaged properties may be affected in many ways, ranging from soot residue staining to scorch marks.

Our furniture restoration specialists are able to remove evidence of fire damage by reconstructing missing sections, using specialist cleaning processes to lift soot residue, and refinishing the surface of the furniture to match its original appearance.

Furniture Linings Restoration

The range of expertise available within the Farcroft family of businesses allows our furniture restoration specialists to clean, repair and re-finish a wide range of furniture linings, including those made from leather, velvet, suede, silk, felt cloth, and baize.

Where non-textile materials such as glass, mirrors, brass, stone, ivory, mother of pearl or ceramics have been used, we combine our skills across multiple disciplines to cut and finish materials to match the original construction.

Veneers: Marquetry & Inlay

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause veneers, cross-banding, stringing, marquetry, parquetry and other inlays to lift away from the surface of furniture.

Where this has happened, our furniture specialists work to restore the original design of the finish, where necessary cutting materials by hand, colouring them to blend with the original piece, and using specialist glues to secure them in place.

Rush and Cane Restoration

Our rush and cane restoration work ranges from cleaning and conservation of items of furniture, to full replacement and finishing with a protective shellac coating.

Using traditional hand-weaving methods, our skilled craftspeople can reproduce a wide variety of patterns, including double cane, medallion backs, close cane work and secret caning.

Wood Carving and Turning

From the simplest of mouldings to the most intricate of furniture and ornament designs, our wood carving and turning specialists work with dedication and skill to replicate traditional wood and gesso carving techniques.

Missing sections may be sculpted and finished to blend with the original structure and appearance, or decorated with gilding where required.

Contemporary Finishes

With an increase in mass-produced furniture manufactured using computer-controlled machinery comes a requirement for new, more modern finishes. Using our dedicated spray shop, our furniture restoration team can replicate finishes including high-gloss, matt lacquers and decorative colours.

Where modern furniture requires a specialist touch, we apply selected finishes by hand for a more individual look. We also touch-out damage to laminates, plastics, veneers and other composite materials.

Period Finishes

The wealth of knowledge and experience within our furniture finishing team allows us to replicate original surface finishes which reflect a craftsperson’s intent, while retaining the patination and handling marks that tell of an object’s history.

Our expertise in restoring period finishes extends to working on oriental lacquer and European ‘japanned’ furniture, while gilded and specially-commissioned painted finishes are restored by our fine art team.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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