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Clocks & Barometers Restoration

With insightful knowledge and many years of experience in horology, clock restoration is one of our specialised areas of restoration.

We can fully service the internal clockwork and restore to working order many types of clocks with the use of replacement or reconstructed parts. To maintain the movement of the clock, we can deconstruct & clean each component, while checking for signs of wear & deterioration. Parts can further be redressed in time for the final reassembly and oiling.

We can provide our services with a range of clocks, from grandfather clocks to carriage clocks.

If you have a clock that has been damaged, we advise you not to tinker with the timepiece as the complex nature of the clockwork could lead to further damage.

Clocks have tremendous decorative appeal and can be seen on display in many homes, public properties & public areas.

With their popularity, we frequently receive damaged timepieces in an assortment of conditions including fire damage which can be critical for a clock. Causing the risk of residual deposits such as soot getting inside the clock, these can obstruct the clockwork of the clock and strain the mechanisms. To restore this we can specialist clean, refinish and polish all the components that may have been affected. Along with our fine art team hand-painting the dials and face that may have been tarnished.

Protecting the internals of the clock, damage to the case such as surface marks and scratches is a common occurrence, leading to our restorers becoming very experienced in eliminating this kind of damage. As well as reconstructing broken areas of the casing with identical materials to match that of the original. Furthermore, we can strengthen the joints, fill any damaged sections, re-veneer and remould broken segments. In the situation the glass has been damaged and needs to be replaced, we can precisely match replacements to suit the age and style of the clock.

Experienced in applying finishes to a wide range of case types, we can administer specialised finishes such as:

  • High gloss lacquers
  • Hand-finished polishes
  • Traditional waxes and oils
  • Marquetry inlays
  • Gilding
  • Specially commissioned painted decorations.

Another device we extend our restoration services to is barometers, requiring the same sense of delicacy as clocks. Handling both mercury barometers and aneroid barometers, we can offer our services to conserving these devices and restoring them in case of incident.

Specialist components we can restore (or replace if necessary) include:

  • The mercury vessel and its contents
  • The glass bezels
  • Re-silvering & waxing the dials
  • Casework
  • And much more.

With many barometers being individual by design, we are also able to provide custom parts if alternative replacements are not available.

An additional scientific device we service and restore, closely associated with barometers, is barographs. Measuring the atmospheric pressure, these devices are more recognised for the barogram graphs they record their data on.

If you have a clock, barometer or barograph you would like to enquire about, you can contact us at or call us at 01922 458 555.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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