Timber has been a primary building material since as far back as the 16th century, meaning examples of wooden structures and decorative features can be seen across the full range of modern and historic properties.

From stunning wood flooring, to baroque panelling, ornately-carved fireplaces, decorative doors and antique window frames, examples of the beauty and versatility of wood can be seen throughout the properties we restore.

With proper care and maintenance, woodwork can last many lifetimes, but it often requires specialist expertise to keep it looking its best.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, our building restoration services include helping homeowners to care for the woodwork in their properties, working to preserve fine examples of heritage construction, retain the strength of timber installations, and protect the grain of individual wood types for a striking finish.

Wood Flooring

Properly maintained and cared for, solid wood floors can last for centuries, but daily use exposes them to risks of damage and deterioration that can compromise their longevity.

Our expert team can advise clients on how best to restore the appearance of their wood flooring, whether through careful repair, sensitive restoration, or – in the most severe cases – removal and replacement of the floor with a sympathetic alternative in keeping with the original design and finish.

Through careful sanding and re-finishing, we can rectify damage and revive the grain of the wood for floors that look as good as new.


A wooden staircase is a key feature of any property, so proper care and maintenance is essential. In addition, where staircases are in frequent or constant use, there is the safety of those using them to consider.

From reinforcing worn stair treads to repairing delicately carved newel posts and restoring the finish of finely crafted handrails worn from years of use, our woodwork specialists work diligently to return these often grand statement pieces to their former glory.

Wood Panelling

Woodwork installations such as wood panelling, cabinetry, doors, window frames and fireplaces are interwoven into the fabric of a building, posing an additional challenge for restorers.

At Farcroft, our skilled teams will work wherever is needed to complete effective restorations, whether that is in one of our workshops or on site in a clients’ property.

Wood Conservation

Our in-depth knowledge of historic materials, tools and techniques means we are ideally placed to help conserve woodwork in heritage properties.

Our team employs a skilled hand and a sympathetic eye to preserve important features, carrying out minor filling repairs, cleaning, applying preventative treatments, and re-finishing.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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