Specialist Plaster Finishes

Specialist Plaster Finishes

Used in Britain from the 14th century, and even earlier in many other countries, plaster has become a staple feature of building and interior design.

Its breathable properties allow it to help control the temperature of interior rooms, trapping heat in when it is cold outside, and keeping rooms cool when is it hot.

However, its vulnerability to environmental changes means plaster can deteriorate quickly if the proper steps are not taken to conserve finishes at first signs of distress.

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At Farcroft Restorations Group, our plaster repair services preserve, protect and restore the beauty of a range of specialist plaster finishes, including re-sculpting ornamental features where required.

Our plaster repair services encompass:

Historic Plaster Finishes

As the centuries have passed, new materials and techniques have allowed the science and art that is plasterwork to evolve and change. As practice has changed, examples of period techniques have become historically significant, deserving of careful conservation and – in cases of severe damage – specialist restoration.

Our skilled team is able to replicate the methodology and artistry of period plaster finishes including lime plaster, lath and plaster, and – in conjunction with our woodwork restoration experts – the care of timber-framed properties.

Contemporary Plaster Finishes

As equally skilled in modern-day plasterwork techniques as we are knowledgeable and practised in the art of replicating and repairing historic plaster finishes, we also work with the likes of Venetian plaster, Marmorina plaster and Tadelakt.

We understand the unique properties of the different materials in use today and can advise property owners on the optimum solution for their needs.

Decorative Plaster

From cornices and ceiling roses in stately homes, to the vaulted ceilings adorning some of the country’s grandest public buildings, decorative plasterwork is an area in which our property restoration team excels.

Replicating and repairing delicate, intricate designs requires a keen eye for detail, a steady hand and a desire to produce the highest calibre of work, qualities which embody the Farcroft Restorations Group ethos, and for which our artisanal craftspeople are renowned.

Years of expertise have led us to develop specialist techniques, enabling us to undertake many different types of restoration


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