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Paper has documented monumental moments in history to treasured snapshots of loved ones, all important and worthy to keep preserved for future generations. With the long history of paper, these records can go back hundreds of years, requiring specialised preservation to sustain.

Unfortunately, as paper ages, it will deteriorate naturally and depending on the environment if not stored correctly. It is in these instances, Farcroft it here to help revive these archives, restoring them for time to come.

Examples of damage to look out for paper include:

  • Biological Infestations- this can happen when the storage conditions have been threatened, allowing insects, vermin or mould to contaminate the paper.
  • Structural Damage- when the paper has become fragile, damage such as brittleness and tearing is common.
  • Adhesive Damage- damage caused by the residues of harmful adhesive solutions used on the paper
  • Planar Damage- affecting how the paper lays, it may become warped or creased.
  • Surface Damage- when the top layer is affected only such as discolouration from light exposure

With how delicate paper restoration can be, at Farcroft we quote and apply custom restoration solutions. Taking into consideration what the paper would require (depending on the damage) and what the owner would like. Additionally, meaning we can offer maintenance and conservation programmes to strengthen and preserve the paper as well.

This service is not just for antique books or parchments, this can include old newspapers, documents, prints and even antique globes as the map itself is paper.

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