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Works of art can be created using a wide variety of materials, techniques and styles, making art restoration a challenging area which demands high levels of knowledge, skill and artistry.

At Farcroft Restorations Group, a large part of our content restoration service involves recovering artworks that have been damaged or deteriorated over time. Our art restoration team has many years of experience in restoring artworks ranging from oil paintings and watercolours, to photographs, prints and etchings.

We understand the unique beauty of these artworks, of which two are rarely ever the same due to the wide range of materials and pigments available.

Our fine art restoration services encompass:

Oil Painting Restoration

Oil paintings are incredibly sensitive to environmental factors including light, heat, dust, humidity and temperature changes.

Our oil painting conservation specialists are able to carry out sensitive cleaning of affected paintings, apply patch repairs to fix minor bumps, dents and cracking, and to stabilise and repair canvases that have sustained more serious damage.

Each a skilled artist in their own right, our team can also retouch artworks, always using the lightest touch to disguise imperfections and ensure the added material can be removed in future if required.

Photograph & Print Restoration

When treasured photographs have become wet it can be heart-breaking to think that they may be lost forever. Fortunately, our photograph and print restoration specialists are often able to save these precious memories for owners that act fast to call on our expert help.

We can advise clients on the immediate steps to take to prevent further deterioration, such as not allowing the affected photos to dry too quickly.

Once we are in possession of the affected items, we then draw on our extensive knowledge and years of experience to salvage these treasured items wherever possible.

Frame Restoration

Professional conservation framing can protect and preserve an artwork while allowing it to be exhibited as it was originally intended.

Our frame restorers carry out repair work including replacing missing elements using the same specialist carving techniques, restoring structural integrity, providing new glass in the original style, and re-finishing as required.

Where completely new frames are needed, we can advise owners on suitable reproductions that will match the age and style of their painting.

Etching Restoration

Also commonly known as graphic works on paper, etchings can often be damaged by the the mounting boards to which they may have been glued or pasted, which can become weak, brittle and acidic over time.

At Farcroft, our etching restoration services include sensitive cleaning to remove stains and discolouration, as well as mending and retouching to disguise tears or missing areas of the piece.

Finally, we can remount the etching onto high-quality, acid-free board and frame it for a complete restoration.

Watercolour Restoration

Watercolour restoration requires gentle, precise handling to prevent further deterioration to the painting.

Where watercolours have been damaged, our fine art restoration specialists can advise owners on the appropriate treatment, as well as provide recommendations for the artwork’s ongoing care.

Once the condition of both the paper and the image has been stabilised, we can remount paintings for additional structural support and carry out the necessary mending and retouching to disguise flaws.

For further information, you can check out our Case Studies, Resources & Blogs for our latest content.

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